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Donna and Bree's Livejournal

Not just for the criminally insane anymore. Mostly.

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Donna & Bree
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Welcome to Donna & Bree's livejournal. Yes, there are two of us. Back in the distant past when we first created this journal, almost no one else had one. We figured we could share one and talk to each other, because why would we need two journals? Some people knew us as other names... Donna as Dianthe and Bree as Diebin. We sorta grew out of that... when we mostly stopped writing fanfic.

So why tylergrrls, you might ask? Because in the dawn of fandom when Bree and Donna first met, there was a popular theory that Bree & Donna were actually the same person. They weren't actually, but it was a funny idea. One of them had recently watched Fight Club, and thought that it might be amusing to suggest that only one of us was real... the other was simply an imaginary friend.

We fought over who got to be Edward Norton.

Eventually Bree got downsized from her job in San Jose and found herself broke peddling non-denominational angel items for a measly $8/hour, which does not pay the bills in San Jose, California. Donna suggested that Bree move to Alabama and live with her.

Bree thought that was the silliest thing she'd ever heard.

Then Bree got her latest power bill.

In May of 2001 Bree got on a greyhound bus with Donna (an experience they still will not speak about) and relocated to the great state of Alabama.

In spite of many rumours of their undying lesbian love, eventually Bree and Donna started dating a nice pair of geeks that they'd met at the local comic book store. Donna won the race to the alter in February of 2004, and by Bree's wedding in July of 2004, Donna was quite pregnant.

Two weddings, two babies, and 7 years after first meeting over the hotness of Hugh Jackmans's ass, Bree & Donna continue to gush over the hotness of various men to each other and ignore the rolled eyes and sighs of their good natured husbands.

On Friending And Such

We friend randomly and with very little consistancy. There are two of us, so you might have gotten friended because Donna likes your Hot Dean Icons or because Bree wandered across you on Journalfen and thinks you're funny. (Bree liks Hot Dean Icons, too, but not as much as Hot Oded Fehr Icons.)

We are irresponsible and clueless when it comes to friending back, as that takes effort. We don't practice premeditated friending back, as much as "Oh, I thought you were on my friend's list" friending back. Don't be offended if it takes months for this realization to sink in.

Bree can be found on journalfen as breecita. She maintains she doesn't know why anyone would want to find her, though. She didn't do it. She doesn't care what sort of video evidence you have.

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